Blue Knights Soccer Club fees include:

There are a lot of moving parts to running the club, much of which isn't seen by the public. We know it's important for you to understand what you get when paying your club fees.  Blue Knights Soccer Club's fees include the coach's salary, specialized training for every team, a one or two week summer camp (depending on age group), club events, referee fees, operational infrastructure (website, team management software, etc), team equipment, field maintenance, coach uniforms, goalkeeper training, coach licensing & education, subscription to NSCAA, insurance, club staff (administration, financial management, etc), employment taxes, and workers’ comp and more. The annual fee covers a spring and fall league, some non-tournament summer soccer activities, and a weekly indoor training fee for the winter season.

UYSA/District 3 Fee

These fees are paid directly to the Utah Youth Soccer Association and District 3, and are annual memberships. They cover things like event/player insurance, field & referee scheduling, league alignment registration, etc.

Additional costs

The additional expenses vary by age group and team, but you can expect to incur extra costs for tournaments, winter indoor leagues, team gear like bags, hoodies, hats, etc, and some travel.

Payment options

You can either pay all at once at registration in June, or in up to 6 installments.  You'll receive these details when registering online.


The following qualify for a discount or a waiver from paying certain fees.

  • Head Coach: Coach Fee & Team Fee
  • Team Managers: Team Fee
  • One Assistant Coach: Coach Fee
  • Multiple kids: $20 discount per child on Club Fees

NOTE: The coach's spouse cannot be the team manager, and the coach cannot be the team treasurer. 

Scholarship Program

You may apply for our scholarship program, scholarships are awarded based on individual need and team player availability. Contact your team manager or coach to apply. 

How does it work?

  • One scholarship is given per team
  • A scholarship player is responsible to pay UYSA registration, Training fee, and Uniform costs, as well as any additional costs winter indoor fees, and tournament. (See the fee schedule above to determine the amounts for your age group)
  • The Team fee, Coach fee and Club fee is waived, HOWEVER these fees need to be paid up front or at the beginning of the year and will be reimbursed within 30 days (usually sooner).
  • The Scholarship registration process
    • Get approval for your team's one scholarship from the team manager or coach
    • Go online and register through the normal process
    • During the payment processing step choose "Payment Plan" to pay less upfront.  (The total club fees can be split into  multiple payments, with the first payment being the largest).  
    • You must pay the first payment which will be between $125 - $280 depending on the age group. Uniforms will need to be purchased separately during the week of registration as well.
    • Within 30 days of this registration process the club will refund the Coach & Club fee.
  • Scholarship players are required to perform a minimum number of volunteer hours for the team or club, which will be determined by the coach and team manager.