Our club is separated into three groups based on age (Academy, X League and Competition), each group has its own rules and regulations.   Ages range from 5-18 years old, and each age group has several levels of competition.  Teams are listed by age group and coach name, please contact the coach directly with any questions. 


2017-2018 Blue Knights Soccer Club Girls Teams

2017-2018 Team Age Group

U6/U7/U8 Girls

U10 Girls

U11 Girls 1

U11 Girls 2

U12 Girls 1

U13 Girls 1

U13 Girls 2

U14 Girls

U15 Girls

U16 Girls

U18 Girls 1

U18 Girls 2



U6/U7/U8 Academy

Blue Knights 08 TE

Blue Knights 07 Blue UL

Blue Knights 07 White UL

Blue Knights 06 WS

Blue Knights 05 Premier MV

Blue Knights 05 WS

Blue Knights 04  UL

Blue Knights 2003 JA

Blue Knights 2002 JA

Blue Knights 00 Premier PG

Blue Knights 00 DE


Tanner Sylvies

Tricia Ellison

Ulises Larumbre

Ulises Larumbre

Whitney Shuman

Martin Villegas

Whitney Shuman

Ulises Larumbre

Jose Araneda

Jose Araneda

Paul Gleeson

Danyell Estrada