• USSF National D License

  • NSCAA National Diploma

  • NSCAA Goalkeeping Level 1 Diploma

  • Coerver Coaching Youth Diploma

  • American Sport Education Program (ASEP) Certified Coach

  • Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science

  • Master’s degree in Sport Psychology

preston tanner


A message from Preston:

Sports have played an important role for me throughout my life. I fell in love with soccer when I was five years old, and I believe it can teach valuable lessons on the field as well as off. While developing basic motor skills, balance, coordination, technical soccer skills, and tactical awareness, youth can learn not only to compete, but also to cooperate. Soccer can teach us about respect, hard work, striving to accomplish goals, and what it means to persist in the face of obstacles. I work to build a team culture that strives to win, but isn’t defeated when they lose. Playing soccer is about more than just winning; it’s about personal and team development. In order to help players grow, I encourage them to try new things. That may sound obvious, but not all players are willing to get out of their comfort zone, and not all coaches support making mistakes; however, in soccer there are many mistakes that are worth making. It’s important for players to be free and willing to make mistakes so that they can learn from them. Like every team, each individual is unique. While soccer may come more naturally for some, it takes practice for all.  And at the core of the game regardless of age or ability, soccer should be fun. When youth have fun, develop greater competence, and build confidence, they will be successful.

Preston grew up in Utah and has played soccer since he was five years old. He spent several years refereeing, and has been coaching for Blue Knights for the past two years. His background is diverse with a bachelor’s degree in exercise and sport science and a master’s degree in sport psychology. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in sport management at the University of Utah where he researches satisfaction of soccer spectators and teaches classes such as: The Business of Sport, Marketing in Parks, Recreation, & Tourism, and Sport Trends.