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About Blue Knights

Blue Knights Soccer Club, founded in 2008, is a non-profit youth sports organization based in Sandy, Utah.  We are dedicated to providing a competitive soccer experience for all our players within a family-like atmosphere.  If you are looking for a new team or are considering moving your child to competition soccer for the first time, we invite you to explore Blue Knights Soccer Club to determine if we are a good fit for your family.

Our club offers high quality coaches and trainers, on-going coach education, specialized goal keeper sessions, and tournament play for all teams.

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It is the mission of Blue Knights Soccer Club to prepare all players for the demands of competition soccer and personal development.  We believe in high work ethic, integrity and personal responsibility at all levels within our organization.


We want your children to feel part of a family environment without the intense pressure to win every game at all costs. We strive to build a competitive atmosphere with the goal that all players are able to express how much they enjoy their team, coaches and the game.  We emphasize player and team development, and our coaching style reflects an emphasis on the "why" we do things.  "Why do we practice this drill?"  "Why do we play this way?"  "Why do we respect the game, referees, parents and teammates?"  We hope for our players to be passionate and knowledgeable enough about the game of soccer to become great coaches one day.  Our ultimate goal is for all players to grow up to be hard working, respectful and responsible adults that have much to contribute to their families and communities.


Blue Knights Soccer Club was sanctioned by Utah Youth Soccer Association in 2008. Like other dads, the club's founder Martin Villegas, decided to coach his 6 year old son in a recreational league in the late 90's.  The first two seasons they were issued blue jerseys and their team name was the "Knights", this is the origin of what would soon become Blue Knights Soccer Club.  After joining UYSA, the team grew from one team to several, with the same philosophy.  As Martin's original team competed in the U16 age group, they won the first of three successive UYSA state cup championships, from 2008-2010.  Martin learned much of his coaching style and technique from his KNVB instructor Frank Meijerman (Netherlands), which teaches an exciting attacking style game.  Blue Knights Soccer Club has grown to be one of the largest clubs in the Utah area and continues to strive for integrity and excellence. 

We'd love to have you join us!