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Our club is separated into three groups based on age (Academy, X League and Competition), each group has its own rules and regulations.   Ages range from 5-18 years old, and each age group has several levels of competition.  Teams are listed by age group and coach name, please contact the coach directly with any questions. 

2018-2019 Blue Knights Soccer Club Girls Teams

2017-2018 Team Age Group Team Coach Email
U6/U7/U8 Girls (2014-2012) U6/U7/U8 Academy Tanner Sylvies
U9 Girls (2011) Blue Knights 11 Preston Tanner
U11 Girls (2010/2009) Blue Knights 09 Preston Tanner
U11 Girls (2009) Blue Knights 09 Tricia Ellison
U12 Girls (2008) Blue Knights 08 Tricia Ellison
U13 Girls 1 (2007) Blue Knights Girls 07 Premier Ulises Larumbe
U13 Girls 2 (2007) Blue Knights 07 Ulises Larumbe
U14 Girls (2006) Blue Knights 06 Jay Langlois
U15 Girls 1 (2005) Blue Knights 05 Premier Martin Villegas
U15 Girls 2 (2005) Blue Knights 05 Martin Villegas
U16 Girls (2004) Blue Knights 04 Premier Ulises Larumbe
U17 Girls (2003) Blue Knights 03 Danyelle Estrada
U19 Girls (2002/2001) Blue Knights 02/01 Danyelle Estrada
Goalkeeping Head Coach